Comparing Website Hosting Prices Which Web Hosting Is The Cheapest?

Cheapest Website Hosting 

Let me start off by just telling you, I have almost tried all the website hosting’s and I am aware of all the pros and cons, but I can finally say I have found the cheapest hosting which I am currently using myself.

Todays Article is a comparison between Bluehost, Namecheao and Godaddy. I will not only tell you the name of the best webhosting in todays comparison , I will also give you the reason and tell you why it is the best.

I first off started by using Godaddy and 6 years ago I must say I was impressed by Godaddy’s price and customer support. Instead of buying a VPS I bought three different shared hosting accounts with Godaddy, I could’ve easily got a server for that price I was paying around £33 Monthly for those 3 different shared accounts. Apart from expensive price Godaddy also have some more cons such as expensive domain prices and you cannot edit PHP.ini file in Godaddy, apart from these little problems its alright to use.

I used Bluehost after Godaddy for a little while, before I could get a hosting with Bluehost there is an issue that you have to buy Yearly hosting with them you cannot choose Monthly plans it will cost you  £36 Yearly to purchase a plan with them and the support wasn’t too great, I am an affiliate with Bluehost but still I have to be honest, for affiliates Bluehost is probably the best website to make quick money but for customers it’s a no no!

My last choice and my final one that is also the winner of this comparison Namecheap after using several website hosting companies I must say I was surprised to see Namecheap prices. They are offering absolutely amazing prices the Monthly hosting starts £2 a month! That is the cheapest you can find online! They offer the cheapest domain prices too you can buy some domain extensions for as low as £2 from them the support is good too and I am currently using it.